The Circle at Zurich Airport

Landside development of Zurich Airport into a new city district of international scale

Zurich Airport wishes to make better use of its outstanding locational advantage and develop the area around the main terminal into a new city district with an international reputation. The feasibility study was announced to take place through test planning to analyse, in detail, aspects of urban development, mobility and economic efficiency, as well as image and brand creation.

sapartners was commissioned as part of a multidisciplinary team to draw up the test plan and experiment with a new type of mixed use that would take into account various factors - such as transportation, environment, economy, architecture, urban planning and process design. The results of the test plan were integrated into a legally binding Master Plan, which laid the foundations for a subsequent architectural competition.

Zurich Airport AG
Masterplanning; Pre-test for building permit
3.7 ha area;
Building complex with
210'000 m² floor space; Healthcare, culture, education, shopping, hotels, congress
2007 - 2010
Office for Building Economy, GSP (Economy), Kontur AG (Process design), SNZ Engineers (Transport), arthesia (Image und use of space)
Office Liaison
Thomas Kovári