Urban development project in Bernex - Geneva

Large-scale Urban Development on the urban fringe

In Bernex, west of Geneva, an urban extension area is planned to be built on previously agricultural land as part of a "grand projet" (a series of large-scale area developments in the Geneva agglomeration). Plots totalling 120 ha were assigned to be redeveloped as a mixed use area with a high urban density and 10'000 residents. For this purpose, a test planning was announced, aiming to define the framework for further development within an urban design proposal.

The key development element of the design proposal by sapartners is a robust backbone of attractive green spaces. It forms the overall character of a green city. A fine network of open public spaces link various green spaces and creates balanced transitions to the wider landscape. The proposed urban structure builds differentiated relations between the new district, the existing historical center of Bernex and the surrounding landscape.

sapartners was one of three firms invited for test planning. Parts thereof served as the basis for the development plan and the revision of the construction and zoning regulations.
Canton of Geneva, Urban Development Department
Urban study
120 ha area; Housing, Offices, Public uses
Bernex - Geneva
Office Liaison
Thomas Kovári